Archery Costs

Like any sport, archery will require some initial expenditure on equipment and has modest ongoing costs in membership to both Club and National Governing Body in order for third-party shooting insurance to be valid, and for hire of indoor venues and development to the Club's outdoor venue.

Insurance & Membership Fees

Given the inherent risks associated with the sport, archery's National Governing Body in the UK, Archery GB, requires that all archers are insured against accidental injury to themselves, third parties, and damage to property. To this end, they have negotiated Public Liability Insurance which comes as part of membership to Archery GB, and is also significantly cheaper than if individuals were to negotiate their own Personal Public Liability Insurance.

Membership of Island Archers attracts an annual fee, usually payable in August (although it can be spread throughout the year by direct debit), which includes the cost of Archery GB membership (and therefore Personal Public Liability Insurance), and also goes Club equipment maintenance, purchase of expendables such as target faces, and suchlike. Members are also asked to pay a modest 'Target Fee' every time they shoot with the Club, which goes towards hire of indoor venues, equipment maintenance, and development of outdoor facilities.THIS CURRENT TABLE IS INCORRECT, PLEASE CHECK THE POST ENTITLED "WANT TO TRY ARCHERY OR JOIN ISLAND ARCHERS - READ THIS" FOR CURRENT DETAILS. THIS TABLE WILL BE UPDATED SHORTLY.

Club Member 25yrs and over £42.00 £27.00 £2.00 £71.00 £8.00
Club Member (Family Senior) £42.00 £14.00 £2.00 £58.00 £8.00
Club Senior 18yrs - 24yrs all categories £10.50 £27.00 £2.00 £39.50 £8.00
Club Member (Junior) £10.50 £14.00  - £24.50 £4.00
Club Member (Family Junior) £10.50 £7.00  - £17.50 £4.00
Club Member (Student) £42.00 £17.00 £2.00 £61.00 £8.00
Club Member (Pensioner) £42.00 £21.00  - £63.00 £8.00
Disabled Archers Senior all categories £10.50 £27.00  - £37.50 £8.00
Disabled Archers Junior all categories £10.50 £14.00  - £24.50 £4.00

A second junior accompanying a senior family member foregoes the weekly Target Fee.  Therefore a party consisting of one senior and two junior members would pay £10.

It is also possible to pay by standing order. Please contact the club if you wish to know more.

Equipment Costs

All beginners are welcome to make use of the Club's equipment for as long as they require, but ultimately, they will discover that it has its limitations, and will eventually impede their progress as their technique improves.

Whilst it may be tempting for beginners to rush out and buy their own bow once they believe they are exhibiting sufficient accuracy and consistency, we usually recommend they discuss their intended initial equipment purchase with Club coaches and experienced members before proceeding, as it is as easy to make false economies and ending up with equipment that they will fast outgrow as it is to spend a small fortune on equipment to which they might never do justice. Members are usually happy to offer advice on equipment choice, and may even let prospective purchasers try out their kit before buying something similar.

If buying new, we find that, through deals negotiated with the Club's favoured equipment retailers, improving novices can outfit themselves with most of the necessary archery paraphernalia from upward of just over £250, and carefully-selected second hand equipment can be had for much less. However, it is recommended that second hand buyers seek assistance a more experienced archer and closely scrutinise their prospective purchase before parting with their money, as there are a good few bogus 'deals' out there to ensnare the unwary.