Club News

Hi folks,

First, there will be no club night next Wednesday, 14th March as Back are using the hall all week.

The last round of the postal league will need to be shot and I suggest this should be on the 21st with the 28th as a back up for anyone who cannot shoot on the 21st.

The Easter Egg competition can be after Easter this year which will be the 4th April.

The handicap competition was held last year in May which is a few weeks away so the date can be set nearer the time.

That leaves the Lewis and Harris Sports Festival/Western Isles Indoor Championship. I have been asked to find out whether we would prefer to run this on a club night or to do as we have before, hold it on a Saturday. The question is which time would be best to attract the largest number of competitors, although we would also need to be sure we could finish the competition in the time allowed on a Wednesday.

Your thoughts on the LHSF would be appreciated.


The club will not have shooting nights on either the 27th December or the 3rd January but the new 2018 season will start on January 10th.

The January postal league match can be held either on the 17th, 24th or the 31st. This can be decided on the 10th Jan if you could let Stuart know when you are likely to be unavailable.

It looks like the best date for the Christmas pudding shoot will be next Wednesday, 13th December. Sorry for the short notice. The format is the same as the last couple of years - each match will be 3 ends (final is 4 ends) with 2 points to the winner of each end, 1 point each for a draw. The match is won by the first to 3 points (5 points for the final). An extra end can be shot in the case of a draw and then the nearest to the centre.

Initially, competitors are divided into 4 groups according to 'seeding' and then a round robin within each group. For the quarter finals the winner of group A shoots against the runner up of group B etc.

If numbers are low, we can divide into 2 groups rather than 4.

The Christmas Pudding Shoot went very well and was lots of fun and lots of good shooting.
Colette was the best novice, getting into the quarter finals
Maddie was the best Junior after a shoot out with Jack
Jason was the winner of the Christmas Pud after an exciting match against Calum which went to 4 ends. Well done to both finalist.

That ends the 2016 season, our next meeting is the AGM on Jan 11th with shooting restarting on the 18th Jan at Back

The format for the competition on Wednesday is pretty much like the Olympics only over 18m rather than 70m. Primary school juniors will shoot at 9m, everyone else at 18m. Novices have been shooting for less than a year.

Competitors will be seeded into 4 groups, A, B, C, D for a round robin series of matches, where everyone in a group has a match with everyone else. In the quarter finals, the winner of A shoots against the 2nd place in B, and the winner of B shoots against the 2nd place in A; and the same
with C and D.

Semi finals - the winner of the 2 A/B quarter finals shoot together and the same with the C/D winners.

Finals are obvious.

A SET is an end of 3 arrows. The shooter with the highest total in the set gains 2 points, the lower total has 0 points. A drawn set results in 1 point each.
A MATCH is the first to 3 points. If the match is drawn at 3 points each after 3 sets a fourth is shot with the winner winning the match. If the match is still drawn then there is a single arrow shoot off with the nearest to the centre winning.
The FINAL will be the first to 4 points.

The annual Christmas Pudding Competition will be on 16th December. The format will be the same as the last couple of years, viz:
stage 1 - divide competitors into 4 groups with each competing a round robin
stage 2 - quarter finals, 1st in group A plays 2nd in group B, similarly Groups C and D
stage 3 - semi finals, the 2 Group A and B winners compete and similarly for Groups C and D
stage 4 - finals

Each match shot over 3 ends (of 3 arrows). Winner of each end scores 2 points, 1 point for a draw. Match winner is first to reach 4. In the event of a tie, shoot an extra end. If still a tie shoot 1 arrow , nearest to the centre wins.

Distance is 20m but discretion will be given to those who have difficulty reaching that distance.

Everyone can enter but there will be no beginners tuition this week.

This will be the last week of the year as the club will not meet either the 23rd or 30th December. Next meeting will be January 6th.


Remember folks there will be no shooting on the 14th October as it is the AGM. Please come along to the cocktail bar area of the Caberfeidh Hotel which you will find behind the reception.

Thanks you all for the good turn out on Saturday for the Sports Festival. You can find the results on the Sports Fest page here.

We will empty and right the trailer before tonight's archery. If you fancy helping out, then please come along 5-10 minutes earlier than usual.

Congratulations to Stuart for winning the pudding this year.

There was a good turn out for the traditional year end Christmas Pudding shoot*. 12 club members in total took part in the competition, consiting of 4 juniors and 8 seniors.

This was the closest final for years. Rob took the first end, the 2nd was shared and Stuart took the 3rd leaving the match tied. They went to a 4th end which was also tied. In the end it came down to a tie-breaker. Each person would fire one arrow and the nearest to the centre wins. Stuart's arrow landed about 10cm from the middle while Rob's was about 11, giving Stuart the match and the Christmas pud.

We look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

*No puddings were harmed during the event.

With the forecast tomorrow being quite unpleasant and the possibility of the Braighe being closed, it is prudent to cancel the archery for this evening. Next meeting will be the 17th for the Christmas Pudding Shoot (weather permitting).

Thank you to those who attended the AGM last week. We're back to the usual times on Wednesday evening for shooting. 

We will be shooting at Back this Wednesday and quite probably for the rest of the summer. Let's keep up the amazing turnout that we've seen over the last few weeks. It's been great to see so many new faces and here's hoping we attract even more to the sport.

Good news everyone. We have the hall in Back booked for the next 4 weeks.

It's still the usual 7-9pm on a Wednesday evening.