Christmas Pudding Shoot 2016

Christmas Pudding Shoot 2016

The format for the competition on Wednesday is pretty much like the Olympics only over 18m rather than 70m. Primary school juniors will shoot at 9m, everyone else at 18m. Novices have been shooting for less than a year.

Competitors will be seeded into 4 groups, A, B, C, D for a round robin series of matches, where everyone in a group has a match with everyone else. In the quarter finals, the winner of A shoots against the 2nd place in B, and the winner of B shoots against the 2nd place in A; and the same
with C and D.

Semi finals - the winner of the 2 A/B quarter finals shoot together and the same with the C/D winners.

Finals are obvious.

A SET is an end of 3 arrows. The shooter with the highest total in the set gains 2 points, the lower total has 0 points. A drawn set results in 1 point each.
A MATCH is the first to 3 points. If the match is drawn at 3 points each after 3 sets a fourth is shot with the winner winning the match. If the match is still drawn then there is a single arrow shoot off with the nearest to the centre winning.
The FINAL will be the first to 4 points.