Festive period

The club will not have shooting nights on either the 27th December or the 3rd January but the new 2018 season will start on January 10th.

The January postal league match can be held either on the 17th, 24th or the 31st. This can be decided on the 10th Jan if you could let Stuart know when you are likely to be unavailable.

It looks like the best date for the Christmas pudding shoot will be next Wednesday, 13th December. Sorry for the short notice. The format is the same as the last couple of years - each match will be 3 ends (final is 4 ends) with 2 points to the winner of each end, 1 point each for a draw. The match is won by the first to 3 points (5 points for the final). An extra end can be shot in the case of a draw and then the nearest to the centre.

Initially, competitors are divided into 4 groups according to 'seeding' and then a round robin within each group. For the quarter finals the winner of group A shoots against the runner up of group B etc.

If numbers are low, we can divide into 2 groups rather than 4.