No archery on 14th March

No archery on 14th March

Hi folks,

First, there will be no club night next Wednesday, 14th March as Back are using the hall all week.

The last round of the postal league will need to be shot and I suggest this should be on the 21st with the 28th as a back up for anyone who cannot shoot on the 21st.

The Easter Egg competition can be after Easter this year which will be the 4th April.

The handicap competition was held last year in May which is a few weeks away so the date can be set nearer the time.

That leaves the Lewis and Harris Sports Festival/Western Isles Indoor Championship. I have been asked to find out whether we would prefer to run this on a club night or to do as we have before, hold it on a Saturday. The question is which time would be best to attract the largest number of competitors, although we would also need to be sure we could finish the competition in the time allowed on a Wednesday.

Your thoughts on the LHSF would be appreciated.